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When Demetra and Julian were getting married, they decided to keep it small. “We knew that once we invited our family and our friends, it would be over 300 people, and we weren’t trying to pay for all these people to party!”

Like a lot of couples, they had big dreams with their money like home ownership and business expansion—ones that didn’t have room for the average $20k budget for one evening of memories.

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Yet even with five people involved on the day of her wedding, their community wanted them to have things like the flowers, a photographer, the nice dress, and the beautiful venue.

While it was beautiful to watch them show up like that, it also involved a lot of logistics - something that Demetra, the founder of ID23, a day-of wedding and event planning business, knows all about. 

They started to ask themselves, “What if everyone—our friends included—could just be in the moment? What if there was nothing for us to arrange?”

As they went back to work, their wheels began to turn.

What if people who don’t go to a church or don’t want to get married at a church still had a place that was already set up and beautifully decorated?

What if you could just pay, show up, get ready, take pictures, then go get married?

What if I had a place where you could get the wedding you want without breaking the bank or losing your mind with all the planning—whether there are two people or 50 people?

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In 2023, Demetra and Julian, two visionaries, found the space in Historic Downtown Concord in the Charlotte, NC metro area, and .......

Euphoriia Garden
was born

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Euphoriia Garden is a wedding and event venue that is soft, yet modern, that includes space for the ceremony, the reception, and the space to get ready for the nuptials.


And yes, there are wedding packages that take care of each of the headaches of the modern wedding ceremony—including the flowers, the cake, and the music.

Plant the seeds for the rest of your life.

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